Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three free fantasy chatpers from three free fantasy books

Now try and say that that three times fast! I dare you!

The Legends of Mernac is all about fantasy. High Fantasy, mythological fantasy, erotic fantasy, steampunk fantasy… or just about any flavor of fantasy you may be into.

In the last week three new chapters from three different authors were published to this world building site.

The Blind Eye is chapeter two from our newest author Jarvis in his book There Are Many Among Us. Set in the Age of Roadius which is the “steampunk” sub-genre of Mernac;s cuisine of fine fantasy fiction, this compelling story begins to unfold how things may not always seem as they appear on Mernac. Though to the casual reader this may not be immediately apparent, the Victorian’ish chapter sets the stage for unusual perspectives on life, history and the gods of Mernac. I give it a definite thumbs up and strongly suggest all read this tale and follow the fore coming chapters.

The Dark Lords Dilemma by Elsen is the sixth chapter in the book The Croth Rebellion. Set very early in Mernac history this chapter and book are set in one of the Mythological Fantasy “Ages” of Mernac’s History. Besides being extremely entertaining, this chapter does and excellent job showing us some on the Lore associated with Father Elsen (God of Ethereal Elements) , his disciples and the Ethereal Masters. Elsen, the author is one of Mernac’s most accomplished authors and this work like all preceding chapters is excellent.

Grumby, the lovable Dwarf Scribe returns to us in A question for the Scribe by Siberlee. This is chapter 14 in the series of books collectively called, The Book of Grumby. Set in the high-fantasy age in Mernac’s history this chapter sets the scene to the introduction of Arumbus Talimar, a wood elf who is destined to become the leader of “The Champions of Mernac”. As with all chapters told from Grumby’s perspective, it is fun light and quite entertaining.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Mernac Muse

Father Linthur of Mernac has been very busy in between killing and pillaging Elves and Dwarves in the Kingdom of Hob. He inhabited a Scribe by the Name of Serephina and started writing a new edition of The Mernac Muse. Huh! Who would have figured the Father of Revenge had such a literary side? Your can read the first edition here.

The Mernac Muse is a weekly news letter which documents news for our writers, artists and gamers. Make sure you come to Mernac regularly and get your free copy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stories are developing

We have had a number of new stories on Mernac this week.

Elsen has begun to repost his book The Croth Rebellion. This is set in the mythological age of Mernac when the Fathers had not yet been banished to the Underworld. This story however chronicle the rise of Ethan Croth in the 560's in what would one day become to be known as the Kingdom of Kezia.

Elsen is not the only writer setting work in Kezia. A new writer for us, Jarvis, has started to set the scene to his tales which will go in the Steampunk age of Mernac. He has started by brilliantly painting a scene with his place story Fellsylvania or what is known as the City of Sin in the northwest of Kezia. He has also started the Tale with his Temple of the Iris. We hope this will evolve into a nice long series of Legends!

Father Linthur has been quite busy writing as the sage Serephina. He has set the stage for his book A Path to Dark ness by publishing The Rescue. this is the story of Lucia Drach and how she eventually became a werewolf and the disciple of the Father of Darkness.

I posted a little writers resource entitled Let's Talk about the Gods. this is to provide some lore about the gods and goddesses for any who choose to have them in the stories they write.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Elsen and BOG

Mernac is progressing nicely!!!

Elsen found us! It seems some of the old Mernacians are fining the site one by one... but I suppose I should soon think about announcing it.

Elsen has been working during the hiatus. He started by posting his character story Elsen.

Serephina has been busy too she has three sories in the works in the Scribe 2 Scribe forum. they look very good too.

Me? Well I have been working on BOG (The Book of Grumby. I have got through the primer part and am now deep into the Mootill stories. Just got done with Tumba Claw! and The Traveling Grayfur.

A little earlier this week I polished off Hell Hounds so the Serephina would have some Lore material available for her stories.

We are organizing a meeting in Second Life for next weekend. Stop by the forum to help us pick a time.