Friday, March 27, 2009

Serephina and Lucia

Some old friends stopped by and asked if they could participate.

Serephina was part of the original Mernac, she became a disciple and for a short time a god!

Welcome back Serephine

She started in the perfect fashion by first wiriting her characters bio (character story) Lucia Drach and then followed up with a lore story about the Race here character belongs to Werewolves.

Werewolves are actuall a sub-race of the Undead Race. Serephine is currently working on here first legend!! Way to go.

She has also added much of her Art

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tian Islands

Not much up tonight - I did write a new place story Tian Islands.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Book of Grumby - Prolog

No rest for the wicked!!

I got the prolog for The Book of Grumby done!! that is seven chapters... and acts as a nice primmer on Mernac.

the chapters are:

Stranger in the Traddlebow Arms - By: Rick as Grumby
Mootill - By: Rick as Grumby
Splaining The Basics - By: Rick as Grumby
The Races of Mernac - By: Rick as Onas
By The Gods - By: Rick as Grumby
The Mothers and the Fathers - By: Rick as Onas
A Word With Sallion - By: Rick as Grumby
Ontrill Shrine - By: Rick as Grumby

Spoke with Fathercrow - her will be looking at Menac on second life and the possibilities ther - Freelancer had looked into this before.... but we never did anything with it. Also I asked Fathercrow if he would like the start writing for Mernac again... I think he is receptive.

Well, another long day.... time for Ricky to go to bed.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Siberlee and Chandralee

Added the Chanracter story Siberlee. This is crucial as she was the first Goddess to come to Mernac and much of the Lore is based around here. Maybe I should say, I made a good start at the character story. I expect it is something I will be tweaking for some time.

I also posted Chandralee. This is the celestrial even when not one but both of Mernac's moons appear full in the evening sky. Onca again, very important lore to update as many significan things happen when it is Chandralee.

I also finished adding the rest of the continents to the places category. Most notably Cathall and Ooloo.

Even with my out of state travel this weekend, I am please with the progression.