Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Book of Grumby - Prolog

No rest for the wicked!!

I got the prolog for The Book of Grumby done!! that is seven chapters... and acts as a nice primmer on Mernac.

the chapters are:

Stranger in the Traddlebow Arms - By: Rick as Grumby
Mootill - By: Rick as Grumby
Splaining The Basics - By: Rick as Grumby
The Races of Mernac - By: Rick as Onas
By The Gods - By: Rick as Grumby
The Mothers and the Fathers - By: Rick as Onas
A Word With Sallion - By: Rick as Grumby
Ontrill Shrine - By: Rick as Grumby

Spoke with Fathercrow - her will be looking at Menac on second life and the possibilities ther - Freelancer had looked into this before.... but we never did anything with it. Also I asked Fathercrow if he would like the start writing for Mernac again... I think he is receptive.

Well, another long day.... time for Ricky to go to bed.

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