Sunday, April 5, 2009

Elsen and BOG

Mernac is progressing nicely!!!

Elsen found us! It seems some of the old Mernacians are fining the site one by one... but I suppose I should soon think about announcing it.

Elsen has been working during the hiatus. He started by posting his character story Elsen.

Serephina has been busy too she has three sories in the works in the Scribe 2 Scribe forum. they look very good too.

Me? Well I have been working on BOG (The Book of Grumby. I have got through the primer part and am now deep into the Mootill stories. Just got done with Tumba Claw! and The Traveling Grayfur.

A little earlier this week I polished off Hell Hounds so the Serephina would have some Lore material available for her stories.

We are organizing a meeting in Second Life for next weekend. Stop by the forum to help us pick a time.

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