Monday, April 13, 2009

Stories are developing

We have had a number of new stories on Mernac this week.

Elsen has begun to repost his book The Croth Rebellion. This is set in the mythological age of Mernac when the Fathers had not yet been banished to the Underworld. This story however chronicle the rise of Ethan Croth in the 560's in what would one day become to be known as the Kingdom of Kezia.

Elsen is not the only writer setting work in Kezia. A new writer for us, Jarvis, has started to set the scene to his tales which will go in the Steampunk age of Mernac. He has started by brilliantly painting a scene with his place story Fellsylvania or what is known as the City of Sin in the northwest of Kezia. He has also started the Tale with his Temple of the Iris. We hope this will evolve into a nice long series of Legends!

Father Linthur has been quite busy writing as the sage Serephina. He has set the stage for his book A Path to Dark ness by publishing The Rescue. this is the story of Lucia Drach and how she eventually became a werewolf and the disciple of the Father of Darkness.

I posted a little writers resource entitled Let's Talk about the Gods. this is to provide some lore about the gods and goddesses for any who choose to have them in the stories they write.

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