Monday, February 23, 2009

A good Weeks Work!

Well it has been a busy busy week for me!

But I am quite pleased with the progression the new Mernac site has made. A lot of structure has been put in place.

A few additions as far as stories too. I am basically starting with The Book of Grumby – these are the stories of The Sap war period. I chose this because the first several Grumby stories were really also meant to be a primer for new Mernac readers. So I added:

‘Splaining The Basic
The Races of Mernac
By The Gods
The Mothers and The Fathers

Separately I also added Faeries - but this is more because of a new image I did called Airianna’s Eye for Renderosity (well for Mernac but it is also on Renderosity. You can see the image in the Faerie story on Mernac.

I also posted a long long What is Mernac article along with a Terms of Service. Begun the structure of art Galleries... but I have quite a bit more work there to do.

Got a ton of Page Guides done - Sheesh those things are time consuming - but it will cut down the time needed to add content.

So we are getting there – bit by bit!!

OH and the good news!!! I made the 15th place in Renderosity’s Favorite image Art Chart with Moondance - YAY!! – also a Mernac image, but not posted to Mernac yet as the story is not done.

So little time – so much to do!

But I must say (again) – it is good to get back to Mernac!!

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