Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mernac is resurrected

It is with no fanfare of I announce the Legends of Mernac project has been resurrected.

It will be in a different platform and approach than the previous version. The New Mernac, to begin with, will now be in a Wiki format.

We are using the exact same software and platform as is used for Wikipedia. Much of the previous Mernac content will slowly be added…. Much will be discarded.

Why no fanfare and a big splash PR announcements?

There is little to announce at this point. This is just for those few who every once and again wonder what happened to Mernac and if the project would ever continue.

The Answer is yes. It begins now.

Parts of the New Mernac Project:

Mernac – This is where the content will go

Mernac Forums – this is for interaction

Building Mernac – This site – this is for news and announcement

Gentle Muse – This is a store and ecommerce platform to be used to raise money for OSC and the Mernac project

Something Good – This is to remind me why I am doing this.


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