Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mootill: First Character Story on Mernac

Things are moving along!! I have a number of the page guides completed so I will start adding some of the hundreds of stories already written for Mernac.

The first Character story was added today: Mootill

Mootill is a key character in the Sap Wars as told in The Book of Grumby during the third millenia of Mernac History.

a Short excerpt:

Mootill was a Fur from the Valley of the Gentle Ones on the island continent of Ooloo and was born on the first day of Della in 2622. As per custom, Mootill should have been known formally as Mootill Aamba, taking his father's first name as his last; this is what has been done as long as any Fur can remember. Except that his father, Aamba, was banished when Mootill was but a cub and with this banishment Aamba's name was never to be spoken again. So Mootill has but a single name and will always be remembered in history, simply as: Mootill.

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