Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Siberlee's Good is published

Today I edited and posted Siberlee's Good.

Chronologically this is the very first story of Mernac and details "creation" of the world and how the Gods came to live there. I debated on if to put it up for a few reasons - one of which it - raised a few eyebrows the first time as it painted the gods in a bit of an erotic fashion in the early years. But decided not to start sensoring because of what people might think. There are reasons why that stuff is in there - 'sides, it ain't bad reading and give some good historical background.

I also finised the image Goddess and figured out how to set up the Art Galleries.

Vickie, one of the old disciples happened acress the forum and wants to help - YAY! I posted some of her old stories in the forum for her to review so we can figure out how to fit them in quickly.

Still not ready to make any type of announcements - got a ton more to do first - but if the old Mernacians stubble by.... well I could certainly use the help.

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