Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mernac is tied to Gentle Muse e-store

I linked Mernac with its official store (Gentle Muse) today, so the two should be able to cross promote each other.

The first Mernac specific item was a way to sponsor specific Mernac pages. I don’t think we will get many sponsors for some time – we need to get content up. And get some visitors for that matter. But I am taking it slowly. Have not even begun to promote the site yet… and probably will not for a while.

I did however need to set up the link and the ability to have the store and a place for some items and merchandise from Mernac.

The Gentle Muse, BTW, are run by fictional muses… yes, the same Muse which can be found in many of the new Mernac stories.

Hmmm funny how that works. In any case, The Gentle Muse will also sell other things besides just Mernac items… however a portion of any sales will go toward promoting Mernac.

Gentle Muse will focus on Art for the most part. From the site:

We are a niche gallery featuring art from all mediums. Why niche? Because as our namesake suggests, one of the thing we do here is display art of the muse. The beautiful girls and women who inspire us. Please be advised that you will see artistic nudity on these page. If this offends you, we apologize and suggest you browse other art sites.

What can I say... Sexy and pretty girls sell... hopefully some of this art will too.... or at least get a little attention. Gentle Muse and Mernac development sites will become musch more tied at the hip as we progress. There are a number of things I plan on doing with them.

For the most part however, Gentle muse will get little development time for a while. I have been working on it for 2 months and it is now far enough along I could tie Mernac to it.

Now that is done I can move forward with the Mernac project... my true love so to speak.


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